Portfolio Builders – Ctrl+Paint – Digital Painting Simplified

By | March 18, 2017

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Portfolio Builders – Ctrl+Paint – Digital Painting Simplified | 2.3 GB
Creating your concept art portfolio is daunting. For many, knowing where to start is the hardest part. Slowly ramping up the difficulty, the bundle starts with an overview of shape and design – and ends with an assignment to create your own fake game world.

As a concept artist in the game industry, I?ve seen both sides: the confusing challenge of being a beginner, and the daily work-life in a studio. Making your way as a

beginner is hard. This bundle is my attempt to guide your journey and provide useful tips. Unlike other videos in the store, it?s not primarily about technique –

instead we focus on ?where ideas come from? and how to turn them into final art. Many assignments are included, so prepare for hard work ahead. Have fun designing!

Runtime: 372 minutes (Digital Download) Includes:

Design Basics (Series)
Design Basics 2: Shape (Series)
Boss Monster (Portfolio Builder Series)
House Design (Portfolio Builder Series)
Game Icons (Portfolio Builder Series)
World Design (Portfolio Builder Series)

Associated images, .PSDs, and everything you need to follow along with the videos



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