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By | March 16, 2017


Flow Architect Studio 3D is a software package for design and presentation. It enables you to design and visualize in 3D, any scene you need for example: buildings, interiors, spaces or your products. Flow helps you to present your work to others with screenshots, movies and a real-time virtual 3D walkthrough.

Impress your clients with 3D

Present your products in 3D. You can very quickly create a 3D presentation of your product. If you already have a model of your product than you can import it to Flow Architect Studio 3D. Then create a simple map, instantiate your model, add floor, lights, animation and send it to your client in a single file. Here is a tutorial on how to create a simple 3D product presentation with Flow.

Publish to the Web

Flow Architect Studio 3D allows you to publish your project to the web:

Flow Architect Studio 3Dsupports a O4C file format that can be viewed with our O4C web browser plugin.
You can upload O4C file at our O4C Tube servce and share a link to a page embedding your file.
Flow allows you to create a CubeWalk 3D walkthrough that can be viewed in our HTML5 CubeWalk viewer with out a need for installing a plugin.

Create a virtual 3D walkthrough with Flow Architect Studio 3D

With Flow Architect Studio 3D you can create a virtual 3D walkthrough. Build your map, animate doors, place a Player actor for starting position and generate a virtual 3D walkthrough with a simple Build Visualization option. The virtual 3D walkthrough can either be:

A exe installer that will install the virtual 3D walkthrough on a windows machine.
A standalone exe file that will run virtual 3D walkthrough without installing it.
A O4C file that can be viewed with a Pixelplan O4C viewer or our O4C web browser plugin. O4C files can also be uploaded to our O4C Tube service and shared with a link.
A HTML5 CubeWalk virtual 3D walkthrough.

Design in 3D with Flow Architect Studio 3D

Flow Architect Studio 3D is a CAD editor. You can create blocks and surfaces, you can place models and lights. Flow Architect Studio 3D supports libraries of models, materials and your own sets of design elements that you can quickly reuse. With Flow Architect Studio 3D you can quickly design our apartment, check out different furniture settings, test design concepts or prototype building layout. For a more complete list of Flow features scroll down to Features section.

Save your time

Thanks to real-time rendering Flow Architect Studio 3D enables you to create visualization very quickly. Make changes and corrections to your design and send the result to your client within minutes. No more time and energy consuming overnight rendering just to find you that the result is not what you have expected.

Import models and scenes created with other software

With Flow Architect Studio 3D you can import a scene created with other 3D editors. Flow Architect Studio 3D has an build-in import tool that allows you to import scenes and models and split imported scene to different separate objects. You can also import 3D models to libraries and instantiate them in Flow Architect Studio 3D map. Thanks to this if you have your 3D data already created you can very quickly create a virtual 3D walkthrough, CubeWalk, movie or a screenshot. Flow accepts the following 3D formats: 3ds, obj, dae (Collada).

Create movies and grab screenshots with Flow Architect Studio 3D

Flow Architect Studio 3D features a build in movie maker. You can record your walkthrough path, smooth it and use a build-in movie recorder to create a movie. For a final effect see our examples. For a tutorial go here.
With Flow Architect Studio 3D you have the option to take scene screenshots in a 3D virtual walkthrough. You don’t have to wait long for renders to finish, just walk around and grab whatever you want.

Advanced graphical effects:

Our rendering system supports many different graphical effects, like:

realistic mirrors,
environment mapping,
sky based on SkyBox technique,
projective texture mapping – stained glass effect,
fog, haze and lens flare,
particle systems.

In PIXELPLAN Flow Architect Studio 3D

* You can quickly and easily create a visualization of any object
* You have to keep the facilities built preview (WYSIWYG)
* Have the ability to build any walls and the creation of custom objects
* And any of their deployment
* In a natural way you arrange the lighting
* And create animations of selected geometric objects
* You can use libraries of models, materials and textures
* In a simple way with your project, you can generate the final visualization
* You can import new models for libraries
* And build from scratch your own library

Visualization created using PIXELPLAN Flow Architect Studio 3D

* Is a computer program allows you to freely walk
* Uses the latest 3D technology
* Has dynamic lighting
* And dynamic shadows

Installation Instructions:

– Install program.
– Run ” Regme” and merge it to system registry.
– Done, Enjoy.

Supported OS:

Windows 7/vista/xp

And please keep seed or buy the original software if you like,




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