[Lynda.com] Primitive and Spline Modelling in C4D Video Tutorial-SaRGN

By | March 11, 2017

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LANGUAGE……: English
LEVEL………: Beginner

The primitive and spline modeling tools are universal across all levels of CINEMA 4D (including C4D Lite) and they’re some of the best ways to model mechanical objects and other complex objects made of simpler parts. In this course, Donovan Keith shows you how to take a reference photograph and create a model from its shapes and pieces. You’ll learn to prep your primitive components and move them into position with the snapping tools. Then you’ll deform and combine shapes, duplicating and reusing elements to increase your efficiency, and create a more consistent model. Last, you’ll work with splines-extruding objects to give them depth, creating models around an axis with lathes, and stretching surfaces over splines with lofts.

Topics include:

1. Modeling what you see.

2. Grouping objects into components.

3. Aligning and spacing objects with the Arrange tool.

4. Modifying basic shapes with deformers.

5. Creating live copies with the Instance object.

6. Understanding spline types.

7. Collecting reference material.

8. Working with splines.

9. Creating a simple extrusion.

10.Creating sweeps, lathes, and lofts.



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