Create Infographics In Adobe Illustrator Beginners Course

By | March 10, 2017


Create Infographics In Adobe Illustrator : Beginners Course
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Infographics Design Taught In An Easy To Follow Beginners Guide , Step By Step , With An Example Rich Curriculum .

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual , and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text , and so ; infographics are one of the most popular categories of graphic design , and are requested and used alot by marketers and marketing companies , because they get information across to people visually with their graphics .

Learning how to design infographics can be of great benefit to you, whether you are a designer looking to sell infographic designs as a service , or a marketer looking to create your own infographics to optimize for marketing , or anyone who can see themselves making use of professional infographic design , and graphic design skills .

The reason behind the popularity of infographics , is their simple , yet effective method in getting the message to people , which is their use of visuals and graphics .

But for an infographic to be truly successful , certain skills must be learned , and certain guidelines must be followed to ensure professional production . Sometimes one mistake in the design of an infographic will drive people away from viewing or reading it .

Learn How To Design Professional Infographics About Anything You Want

How to use the basic tools we need in Adobe Illustrator
How to create the visuals and graphics needed for an infographic
The best practices regarding layout , color , fonts , and other parts of an infographic
How to avoid the mistakes that ruin an infographic .
You will also create your first , full finished , professional infographic , so you can apply the skills and concepts you learned .
We Start At The Very BeginningEven if you are an absolute beginner in Adobe Illustrator and graphic design , you can still take this course and learn skills and concepts gradually from step one to completion .
Learn Step By Step And By Example

This course teaches you step by step , and uses examples to ensure your understanding of all points .

A Simple Approach To Teach You Professional Skills And Concepts

In this course , the curriculum materials taught are kept as simple as possible for you to understand and follow .

Learn How To Create Graphics Of Real World Objects

You will learn a simple , yet effective method of creating the graphics that you need for your infographic .

Nail The Creation Of Charts And Graphs

You will learn how to create and customize any type of chart or graph for your infographics .

Upgrade Your Graphic Design Skills And Knowledge

In this course you will also learn alot of important graphic design skills and concepts , which will enrich your designer side .

Work Better With Adobe Illustrator

This course does not only teach you how to use the basic tools in Illustrator , but how

you can actually use those tools to create graphics of real world objects .


By the end of this course , you will master the skills , and understand the concepts needed to create professional infographics , about anything you want , from scratch to completion , and you will know all the best practices , do’s and don’t’s for great production .

What are the requirements?

Adobe Illustrator CC
NO Adobe Illustrator Knowledge Is Required , As This Course Is Step By Step And Suitable For All Levels
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 78 lectures and 4 hours of content!
Design Professional Infographics
Upgrade Your Adobe Illustrator Skills And Knowledge
Improve Your Graphic Design Skills And Knowledge
What is the target audience?

Total Beginners
Designers / Design Students
Aspiring Graphic Designers
Anyone Who Wants To Learn Professional Infographic Design And Upgrade Their Graphic Design Skills



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