3D buzz – Autodesk (Alias) Motion Builder ver.4,5,6 tutorials ( 6 parts)

By | February 27, 2017


Autodesk MotionBuilder – is the industry-leading software for 3D animation in real-time, designed for use in the development of computer games, film and television production. Concentrating on the interactive performance of procedures in real time, of MotionBuilder enables creative and technical specialists to conduct low-skilled projects in which the important role of animation. MotionBuilder is a professional software tool with tools for 3D data acquisition, processing and visualization. It is not easy to increase productivity kit animation procedures, but rather a means to implement the multistage creative process.

Manufacturer: 3D Buzz
Year: 2005
Language: English
Description: Tutorials for 3D buzz MotionBuilder’u

Overview of the UI
Working with the Viewer
Working with Objects
Basic Animation
Exporting from Maya
Character Controls
Animating Characters
Importing to Maya
The Clip Art CD
Pose Controls
Animating with Poses
Timewarp Curves
Overview of Motion Blending
Tracks, Takes and Cuts
Blending Takes
Blending Poses
Simple Constraints
Relation Constraints
Expression Constraints
Helmet and Wrist Computer
Backpack and Pistol
Animation – Rough-In
Animation – Fine Tune
Maya – Blend Shapes
3ds Max – Morpher
Character and Actor Face Assets
Animating with Keyframes
Maya – Setting Up Clusters
Cluster Shapes
Animating with Voice Device
Plotting and Exporting Animation
Character Controls
Viewer Cameras
FCurves and Key Controls
Particle Shading
Story Overview
Character Tracks
Camera Animation
Constraint Tracks
Camera Switcher and Shot Tracks
Introduction to Handles
Practical Applications for Handles I
Practical Applications for Handles II
Auxiliary Pivots
Introduction to Reverse Foot Rig
Reverse Foot Rig – Part 1
Reverse Foot Rig – Part 2
Reverse Foot Rig – Part 3
Reverse Foot Rig – Part 4
Motion Trajectories
Property References
Custom Properties
The Dynamic Editor
Rigging a Hand with Sliders I
Rigging a Hand with Sliders II
Rigging a Hand with Sliders III
Rigging a Hand with Sliders IV
Rigging a Hand with Sliders V
Camera View Toolbar
Viewer Toolbar
Store Reference Mode by Transform Mode
3D Curves and Path Animation
Character in Place Option
Transformation Planes
Video codec: XviD
Video: 720×540 10fps
Audio: Lame MP3 23kbit / s


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