Adobe Air Programming Unleashed {projectmyskills}

By | February 9, 2017


Written to help you hit the ground running, this book teaches you how to build state-of-the-art rich desktop applications on the breakthrough Adobe AIR platform.

Stacy Tyler Young, Michael Givens, and Dimitrios Gianninas illustrate the power of this technology through practical application examples based on the official 1.5 release of Adobe AIR. You’ll discover how Adobe AIR helps you solve problems you just couldn’t solve before by extending the reach of your web applications onto users desktops. Building on your existing knowledge of Adobe Flex, HTML, JavaScript, and Ajax software, you’ll master the powerful Adobe AIR platform–moving quickly from task-oriented examples to larger-scale, real-world projects. The authors don’t just cover coding–they help you maximize your effectiveness throughout the entire development lifecycle via design patterns, frameworks, build process, continuous integration, and automated testing.

If you’re ready to build the next generation of rich hybrid desktop applications, Adobe AIR is the development platform you’ve been searching for…and this is the book you need to kick-start new projects using this exciting new technology.

Detailed information on how to…

* Install and configure your Adobe AIR development environment
* Build the next generation web/desktop hybrid applications to run on Adobe AIR
* Add new desktop capabilities to your web applications such as native windows, local file I/O, and client-side databases
* Create HTML/Adobe Flex mash-up applications
* Push data to Adobe AIR clients using BlazeDS, an open source Java remoting and messaging technology
* Package, distribute, and update Adobe AIR applications
* Work with display objects in 3D space by leveraging Adobe Flash Player 10
* Build Adobe AIR applications using common frameworks like Cairngorm
* Create automated builds using Apache Ant, complete with FlexUnit testing strategies
* Create a peer-to-peer photo-sharing application by combining Adobe AIR and Java

Just extract the rar archive and enjoy it…


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