The Photographers Guide to AdobePhotoshop & Lightroom Create Amazings With Expert Advice and Tutorials (2014)

By | February 2, 2017

The creation of a photograph rarely stops when you press the shutter. Once you have your images on your PC or Mac, Lightroom and Photoshop allow you to organise, enhance and manipulate to your heart’s content. Whichever version of Photoshop you are using, there are countless ways to improve or transform your photographs. Add to these the intuitive workflow system of Lightroom and you have all you need for efficient editing. Such sophisticated tools require time and effort to master, which is where The Photographers’ Guide to Photoshop and Lightroom will help. Produced by photographers for photographers, this guide is the perfect jargon free introduction to Adobe’s imaging software.

The Photographers’ Guide to AdobePhotoshop & Lightroom 2014
English | 164 Pages | HQ PDF | 90.6 MB


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